Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend re-cap

we are back from our quick trip to utah, and we had a lot of fun. we left saturday morning at about 10:20 and met up with bryan, kevin, and candice at our hotel (the plaza) for lunch at 1:30. we had originally planned on eating at "the hard rock" (which we all LOVE), but when we got there it was gone! we were pretty bummed about it, but we went to the "training table" instead, and it was super yummy. then we went to the grocery store to get pepsi (it's a rule for us that when we stay in a hotel we have to have pepsi over ice at night while watching tv in the room...really it's a josh thing, but i'm not complaining). it was so fun to get to spend some time with bryan now that he's living in utah and we don't get to see him that often.
after lunch we had some time to kill before we had to be at the delta center (i know that it's called energy solution arena now but it will always be the delta center to me) for dinner so we just hung out in our tiny hotel room and watched tv. at 5:30 we headed over to the gift shop at the delta center to get amanda a kyle korver jersey (we all have our favorite players jersey and she wasn't able to make it to the game so we got her one), and they had so many cute things for babies and you can bet that our children will be decked out in game gear whenever we go to games. we headed up to the "club house" for a buffet style dinner and then down to the tunnels to greet the players. sad thing is that we were assigned to stand in the hornets tunnel instead of the jazz and the hornets wanted nothing to do with giving jazz fans high five before the game. but as we were getting to our seats from underneath the floor, memo and harpring came wandering through, so josh got to high five harpring. that was kinda fun. we also got to meet "bear". we had pretty decent seats to watch the game, and it was a good game...the jazz won 102-88! it was a different feeling that most games tho because the owner of the jazz, larry miller died just a day prior to the game. there was a tribute and a moment of silence for him before the game started, his whole family was at the game and the players dedicated the win to larry miller. the stadium was fairly quiet the whole game and i think it was because everyone was feeling a little more respectful than usual.

a view from our seats

josh during the game

saturday morning we got up and met up with patti, ron, kim, and robb at the "cracker barrel" for breakfast, and it was super tasty. then we headed home. josh wasn't feeling well so when we got home we both crashed and lounged around till 6ish (we had a mini picnic of crakers and cheese in bed), and then we got up and watched the oscars and ordered pizza (yes we ate terrible the whole weekend). it was a super lazy sunday afternoon but it felt so good after feeling like we were busy most of the weekend.
josh still isn't feeling well, so hopefully we can recover from the weekend and get feeling better.


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Sounds like a good, fun weekend. I love the post signature and your new header by the way...and I know what you mean about being baby hungry in your last post. I am so there. But at the same time it is such a huge, life altering decision. It would mean no PHD school and so many other things. I can't decide what I want right now.

Natalie said...

ahhhh, the life before kids, sounds like you had a blast, I kinda miss those days. You guys always have something fun planned for the weekends!

Darcie said...

Well that post makes me want to be married and kid free! Thanks!!! I am glad you had such a fun weekend!