Monday, March 30, 2009

our little getaway

our weekend started a little bit rocky. on friday night we were watching a movie (million dollar baby...which is a pretty depressing show) and we heard a clicking sound coming from the kitchen. i followed the sound to our water heater closet and told josh that was where the sound was coming from, so he got up to take a look and it turns out that our water heater had sprung a very large leak (really it was more of a spray than a leak). we turned off the hot water and josh proceeded to assess the damage. well it looked like it had been leaking for quite some time because there was water damage (meaning mold, peeling paint, and rusted pipes) to the walls and pipes. we had no idea what to do...(of course this kind of thing always happens on a weekend when no one is working and when you are planning to be out of town) so we called my dad (the handy man) to see if he had any advice. he told us to leave it, go to utah, and worry about it when we got home unless we could just get a new flex pipe and replace the old one before we left. well the flex pipe was rusted to the pipe coming out of the we were S.O.L. josh tried to patch the hole saturday morning before we left so that we could have a luck.
so off we went to utah dirty, stressed, and a little cranky. once we got on our way though we had a blast! we got to our hotel at about 2:00 and were so excited to have a hot shower and just relax a little before the game. we decided that we wanted to eat before the game, but didn't really wanna drive anywhere (there went plans to go to the training table), so we wandered around downtown and came across benihanas. neither of us had been to once since we were little so we decided to try it...and oh wow, it was delicious!!!

this image is courtesy of flicker...but the funny thing is that this was the cook we had...and the picture is taken from where josh was sitting

it was a ton of food and we felt bad that we couldn't take any of it home with us...but we enjoyed what we could stuff in our bellies. after dinner we waddled over to the arena to find our suite and wait for the game to start. we had no idea how great this suite was going to be. we were the first ones there and there was food waiting for us (so we were a little bummed that we had already eaten), and not just hot dogs and chips...but awesome fruit, marinated meats for hoggies, drinks, cookies, popcorn, cheeses, crackers....the works. there was a private bathroom so that we didn't have to leave the suite at halftime, and the view of the court was GREAT! we sat in cushioned seats with no one in front of us and enjoyed the game. of course i left my camera at home so i didn't get any pictures (i'm still kicking myself for this). the jazz won in was a great game, and now i'm afraid that i won't be able to enjoy a game from regular seats ever again.
the next morning we woke to terrible weather that we had to drive home in. it made the going a little slow and scary at times, but we made it home in one piece with time left to call my parents and have them come down and help us fix our water heater. it took my dad and josh the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening to get everything fixed. we ordered pizza and my mom and i enjoyed some time to just chat (while the men did all the work).

now it's monday again. there is snow on the ground (but it's a beautiful day), and i'm tired, but i did go get me something today that makes even a monday a little brighter. mmmmm...sonic limeaides (never mind the 230 unnecessary calories). now i may be able to get through the rest of my day.


Holly said...

I LOVE Sonic Limeaids. I also had one today too!!! They are worth the calories. Must have been something in the air!