Friday, April 3, 2009

new playlist

it's funny how certain songs can take you back to a time, a place, or a moment in your life. you remember what you were doing, what you were wearing, your feelings, and most importantly the people that you were with. i was thinking back the other day, and talking to holls about some old songs that we used to listen to, so i decided to make a new "memories" playlist. a lot of these songs take me back to times that i have spent with many of you ( this kiss = *jr. miss with genivieve * shoop, 98 degrees, and nsync= times with ashlie talking about boys * robyn= hanging out in kristas backyard waiting for a glance of the cute neighbor boy and his friends *smashmouth, def lepord, crazytown, bloodhound gang, queen, and many others= going to the races with holls, dancing in deserted parking lots with holls, dancing in tiff and/ or bens truck at lunch with holls, and so many other fun things). i love looking back and knowing how much fun i had with so many of you. and i just wanna say that as much as i love all of your friendships....i wouldn't be where i am without holls. she has been my lifesaver through so much, and shes been by me through EVERYTHING. love you balls!

i'm still trying to add some songs, so if any of you can think of other memories that we have had together that should be set to a song let me know! i know i've missed some!


Holly said...

I love this playlist!! I want it on my ipod! You are the best!! Like we said earlier- it all started with a boy ;) Thanks for always being there for me!!

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Hi! I don't know you.. but I know Christin and I always go through her blog list... and I LOVE YOURS! I think you are so cute!

I also just wanted to say thank you for addressing music attached to memories... we all have it and today I am going to think of my "My Life Playlist!"

Congrats on the little one!