Monday, March 16, 2009

sick weekend

josh got home thursday night and he was sick and friday i didn't feel well either, so we were both home sick over the weekend. i hate being sick, and even though we were sleeping most of the weekend (or at least thats how it felt), it was nice to get to be home doing nothing together. we watched a lot of 24 (so glad to have jack back), played video games, watched the jazz lose (twice), and watched a movie or two.
we had the movie "milk" sent to us through netflix, and we thought it was a great movie. yes it's about the "gay movement", and yes you see guys kissing and flirting and all that (which isn't something that we love to see...), but it's a very inspiring true story, and sean penn is FANTASTIC! so for those of you who have an open mind to this kind of stuff should see it. it's rated "R" mostly for language and a little violence, and it's an extreamly controversial subject....but we were impressed.
we are back to work today...still not feeling great, but well enough to be out of the house. now i just wish the day was over so i could go back home and go back to bed.