Monday, March 9, 2009

some sad news

i know that most of you don't know my grandpa, but those of you who do know that you are lucky. my grandpa is such an amazing man, and everyone who knows him loves him. he has always been a super healthy guy, and up until about 6 months ago had very little pain anywhere and still had great eyesight.
well recently his eyesight started to go and he had to stop driving bus (one of his favorite jobs), and then his back started to hurt him. just last week (wednesday) he had to have surgery on his back to relieve some of the pain, and after the surgery he was doing great. he was talking to us and was feeling pretty good. the next day when josh and i went to see him he was acting....weird. he couldn't remember who we were (he kept calling me shelley...thats my mom), and he kept saying things that didn't make sence. we thought that it was just the drugs that they had him on, and we just laughed. he fell the next day at the hospital...but the doctors said that he was ok to go home (which i thought was weird given the state he was in the night before).
i got a call from my mom yesterday saying that they had taken him back up to the hospital because something was wrong....he wasn't on very heavy drugs anymore and he's still been acting "loopy". he won't stay in bed....and he's seeing things. they have done a few mri's and cat scans and other tests and so far they can't find anything wrong. the best they can think is that he's maybe had a mini stroke or something....but you would think that would show up on tests!
i just keep thinking that wednesday night might have been the last time that i got to see my grandpa acting normal. it just makes me so sad to think that he might have to be in a home soon....and that his time might be coming to leave us. this is the part of life that is so unfair.


My Family said...

Seeing family you love so dearly go through something like that is so hard. My grandpa is 72 and he's had four strokes! It's gotten so hard on my grandma that she had to put him in a home. I can really relate to your story! If you ever need anything or anyone to talk to I'm always here!

indeazgirl said...

Yesterday I had the feeling I should read your blog and then it passed and I forgot. I wanted to say that, working as a nurse, older people who are generally just fine can get really confused in the hospital for no reason at all. It is very very common. I'm so glad he's home, but I just wanted to reassure you.