Monday, March 2, 2009


so yesterday josh and i decided to go on a little date to the movie...just the two of us. we had an edwards gift card that we had recieved for christmas (thanks ben and holls), so we thought that this would be a perfect time to use it. we don't usually get movie treats when we go see a movie...because let's face's a freakin rip off! but we were able to use our gift card for treats as well and since what was left on the card wasn't going to get both of us into another movie on another day (because matinee movie tickets have jumped up to 7 bucks each!) so we went ahead and got a drink, goobers, and sour patch kids (wow candy at the movies is pricey).
the movie we saw was "taken" and it was GREAT! i'm all about action movies and this one didn't dissapoint. most action movies anymore are really violent, lots of bad language, and a lot of naked women...but this one wasn't like that. sure there was some violence, but it wasn't anything that grossed me out (and if you wanna knew the doesn't take much to make me wanna hurl). liam neeson was far as action goes, he might give jack bauer/ keifer sutherland a run for his money.
all in all it was a fun date afternoon for us, and if you haven't seen "taken" really should.


The Hanna Family said...

I loved that movie! It was so good! Glad you got to go on a date!

Chelsi and Trevor said...

This is a good movie. I love these sorts of nights with your hubby. Glad you guys had a great time.

Holly & Ben said...

Glad you were able to get treats and see a movie too!!! We've not been in a movie in a long time! The last one we saw in the theater was the Dark Night :)