Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's official

we are for sure going to seattle!!! we weren't sure if we would go because we were sure the money could be put to better use (baby fund), but we thought that this might be the last time that we can take a trip just the two of us for a while, i think we should celebrate me getting a little energy back (i'm keeping my fingers crossed), i wanted to do something fun for our 3 year anniversary, and the biggest reason that josh has decided that he wants to go is because mike mccready (the guitarist of pearl jam)will be playing the national anthem at a mariners game that week (and if any of you know my husband at all, you know that missing anything pearl jam is just not an option). when josh saw the announcment about mike mccready, he didn't waste any time getting us tickets to the game at safeco field(my first baseball game...yay! it would be better if it was the braves or the marlins, but this will be fun too), but he didn't just get any tickets (i figured that we would be sitting way up in the bleachers), he got us really good tickets! i guess we will be sitting in the middle of the lower box (i don't really know what this means, but josh said they are good seats).
besides going to the game i want to go to the zoo (which one is the best?) and the aquarium. of course we will go to pikes place and the space needle. other than that i just wanna see seattle! i wanna find a couple of little local resteraunts to eat at (anyone know of some good ones?), and some fun little shops to wander around in. i can't wait!!!!


Natalie said...

Safeco field is really nice and there really isn't any bad seats there, have fun!!!!!

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

(Hi it's Christin's friend again)

You HAVE to go to the EMP! It is the Experience Music Project! It is soooo cool. As well as Pike's Place and make sure you have clam chowder down on the wharf!

Have Fun!

hnoel said...

Um can I just say that I love this song! It's actually been on my profile for a couple months! So good! AND that picture of the safeco, if you were to turn 180 degrees around from that exact spot, is where the concert was!Ah! Im so excited for you to get to go on your trip and I hope we can make it up there to see you! Miss you every day!

hnoel said...

Oops the song i forgot to mention was the Full Moon song