Tuesday, April 21, 2009

birthday party

joshs birthday party was a lot fun. we got both families together at joshs moms house and had great food (what better kind of party is there?). after dinner we took josh out to the driveway to show him his big birthday suprise (no it wasn't a car...), it was set up in the back of my dads truck (josh and our little neice mya in the new chair)
it was a new recliner! our old chair was so worn out and falling apart (it was a well loved chair), that i decided josh needed a new one. everyone pitched in and that was his birthday. it's a really nice lay-z-boy and josh was so suprised!
we went back in the house and had cake and ice cream (of course josh had to blow out his "30" birthday candles). (doesn't josh look super excited to be 30?) (thats better)
it was a great evening, and i think even though josh turned 30 he still had fun.
dustin hauled the chair to our house for us and we got it all set up (this is me wearing a headlamp and putting the chair together..haha)
so that josh could enjoy it for a few minuets before we went to bed. happy birthday babe! i hope it was a great one!!!!


Matt and Jenna said...

You are such a cute wife!!! Happy birthday to your husband! WE should get together sometime! I'd love to catch up!

Leslie said...

ahhh, that is Luke's dream..."the Man chair." Glad Josh had a good b-day!