Monday, May 4, 2009


we finally watched "slumdog millionaire"over the weekend. we put it on our netflix after all the hype it got from the academy awards (we had never heard of it before then), and we have had it sitting at our house for three weeks! last night it was pouring rain so we thought it was a perfect time to watch it. it was FANTASTIC! i'll be honest...i wasn't sure how much i was going to like it because most of the movies that win the majority of awards are a little weird and hard to follow, but i'm so glad that we saw this one! if anyone hasn't seen it yet i strongly recommend it. if you have seen it...what did you think?


Chelsi and Trevor said...

We just watched this Friday night and I echo your review. It was really well done, heart breaking and so very interesting. I also really liked the themes of education and opportunity and socio-economic determination that peaked through the whole film. Loved it.