Thursday, May 14, 2009

this, that, and the other

so last night i met up with a friend at the mall to catch up and go shopping. i had decided that i needed a jacket for seattle and a pair of comfy shoes for walking (nice that i don't have either). so we shopped around and i found these (in a different color) at macys
and this at dillards
it's plain and boring, but i figure that it will match everything and it will keep me dry and warm (and there is a little room for my belly to grow into it). so all in all i felt like i did pretty good, and i think im ready to go to seattle!
on another note...did anyone watch greys last week?? tear jerker, and i'm excited for the finale tonight (even though i'm pretty sure i know what happens). i haven't enjoyed this season near as much as the others, but it's gotten better towards the end, but i'm not sure how good next season will be (if there is a next season). and speaking of season anyone else into "bones"? josh and i are, and last weeks cliff hanger is totally killing me! i hear that the season finale is tonight, and they better wrap it up....i HATE cliff hangers. i actaully hate season finales becasue then you have to wait months for your favorite shows to start up again....but, when one show ends another begins. the bachelorette starts up on monday! i've heard people say that they won't watch the show anymore because of what happened last season, but i'll be watching.
well, now that i feel totally lame for blogging about my favorite tv shows i'm gonna get back to work.


Natalie said...

I can't wait for the bachelorette too, I'm a suckers for that show, blog about it all you want!!!!