Tuesday, June 9, 2009


so my new toy didn't come yesterday. i was soooo sad (i was so looking forward to having clean carpets and rugs again), stupid amazon (no really it was our fault...we didn't order it till saturday and we thought that putting it on overnight delivery would get it to us monday...duh). according to amazon it will be here today tho, which makes today a FANTASTIC day because we find out the sex of the baby at 4, and then i get to go home and play with my new toy, then we are going shopping for girl or boy things, then we are meeting with our families for dinner and a celebration at brownstone (yum). like i said...FANTASTIC day.


Chelsi and Trevor said...

So exciting. Good luck today!

Josta said...

Thats so exciting :) This end of the family can't wait to find out what you are having either :) Good Luck :)

Natalie said...

you better post right away I really want to know what you are having!!!!