Monday, June 8, 2009

grown up "toys"

remember when you were a little girl and all you wanted for christmas was barbie dolls, my little ponies, and american girl dolls? and remember how excited you were when you finally got them? well we've grown up since then, and while new cars, new furniture, new homes, or new computers are our grown up dream toy list, the (realistic) toy i have been thinking about for the last week has been this that's right new obsession has been a vacuum! the hoover windtunnel bagless canister. i think it's slightly sad when all i want to play with is a new vacuum, but i've been working with a hand me down vacuum since we got married (i'm all about free stuff so i'm not complaining). it's been fine (we don't have a lot of carpet to deal with so we've made do), but it never sucked very well, and the belt would always break really easily. so i was vacuuming about a week ago and the belt broke so i was just planning on going to get another one...well josh said that with all the belts we buy we could almost buy a new vacuum and we should look into it. so i've been without a vacuum for over a week (and with three dogs you can imagine how dirty my carpet is), and it's been driving me crazy. well i've been researching online for some of the best vacuums (that won't cost an arm and a leg...i'm not spending 800-1,000 bucks on a vacuum when i only have one room that has carpet), and this is the one that was rated the best (besides the upright dyson that i was dying for so we went and looked at one and i was sooo not impressed). i've never had a canister, but i thought with our little place it might be the best choice and easier to store than an upright.
so we got one ordered from amazon (because go figure that i couldn't find anywhere here in town the had one), and it will be here today!!! i get to play with my new toy tonight when i get home from work!!!
it's funny how things change as we grow up...i've graduated from barbie dolls to vacuums!


Chelsi and Trevor said...

I totally get this post. We actually have a Dyson...we got one for a wedding present and I love it. You are right about storing it though. It is an amazing vacuum but a pain in the butt to find space for. Enjoy your new toy. You also might check out the Swiffer wet vac. It is a cheap cleaning tool that I think works surprisingly well.