Friday, June 26, 2009

the "king of pop"

is it weird to anyone else to think that michael jackson has actually passed away? it is to me....and i'm not really sure why (except that before i got back to the office from lunch and heard the news, i was jamming out to "beat it" in my car and thinking what and amazing artist this guy is). i wasn't a huge fan or anything, but i did enjoy most of his music ("billie jean" can get my toes tapping every time). he was, in my opinion one of the most talented people on the face of the earth...and i don't care that he led a strange life. as far as im concerned he never hurt anyone, and there is no proof that he ever broke the law or anything like that. so i think that people need to lay off the fact that we was "weird" (the rest of us are weird too...we just don't end up on the news), and let him rest in peace. he was a great man, gave a lot to charity, lived to make others happy (even tho i don't think he was...but who am i to say?), and was entertaining as all get out. the music world won't be the same without him.