Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i live with killers! killers and torturers. i didn't blog about this little fact before because it was gross...and only happened once, but now that it has happened again i thought it was time to come clean.
when josh and i were in seattle we had joshs sister amanda stay at our house and watch our dogs. well we got a text from her one day saying that one of the dogs had killed a squirrel and left it on the back porch (i know that schnauzers are rodent hunters, but ours had never killed anything, and the one that i was sure killed the squirrel isn't a very bright puppy so i'm not sure how it all happened)! she also told us that it was gross and she refused to do anything about it so it would be there for us when we got home. i didn't think it was a good idea to leave it there because the dogs could go back and eat it and to me that was just i called my brother who lives just down the street to go over to my house and get rid of it. well just them amanda texted us back telling us that wolfie had just brought the dead animal into my house!!! i was so grossed out, but i knew my brother was on the way and he would take care of it, and he did.
now rewind to yesterday....i went out back to feed the dogs before i left for work...ace and wolfie were hunched around something in the middle of the yard so i went to check it out....they had a young bird and were batting it around! i tried to save it...but the dogs wouldn't leave it alone long enough for me to pick it up...and when i did get the dogs away then the bird would try to run. it was getting to the point that i was going to be late for work and it came to me that even if i did catch the bird...where was i going to put it so that it would be ok??? so i left it...(yes i'm awful). i felt bad about it all day...i just knew that the dogs were playing with the bird and slowly killing it, and that when i got home i would have a half eaten bird body to deal with. i was partly wrong. josh got home before i did last night and when i got there he informed me that the poor bird was still alive! he was partially torn open with things hanging out and the mamma bird was squawking like crazy. obviously my "sweet" puppies had played and played with the poor bird and then gotten sick of they just left him to suffer! we didn't know what to do...we knew that the bird was going to die...but i didn't want him to suffer anymore than he had....but how do you kill a bird in a way that isn't totally barbaric?? we don't own a gun (even if we did josh informed me that we couldn't shoot it in our back yard....i've never lived in town...i didn't know that), so we just got it out of our yard and i just had to come to grips with the fact that this poor little animal was just going to have to suffer to death.
so there you have it....i love with two inhumane killers. they have such sweet little loving faces (ok so this isn't the best shot of them looking cute...but they really are i promise) how was i to know that they would turn out like this?!


hnoel said...

Okay so maybe its just me or the lighting in the picture or the angle, but they look freaking SCARY in this picture! Like their giving me the death eyes!

indeazgirl said...