Thursday, July 23, 2009

100 days

so as of today there are only 100 days till our little man arrives (i'm hoping for fewer days...but i guess it could be a few more too)! i can't wait! he's been moving like crazy in there and i love it.
i got my new maternity clothes that i ordered...and they all fit perfectly and are so comfy (100 bucks well spent)....i also went over to milan maternity this morning and ordered myself 3 basic tops to help get me through the summer (thanks for the tip natalie). the basic collection is very reasonably priced and there are some super cute stuff (i just hope it fits right)...i love that a lot of maternity stuff is so cute now.


Natalie said...

You can go to and today they are giving away clothes to Milan Maternity, how funny is that, you just have to enter and they will announce the winners tomorrow, DO IT

Kimberly said...

Ha, ha, that's so great that maternity stuff looks cute to you right now. I always found things were wayyy cute when I wasn't pregnant and when I was, maternity clothes were just big and ugly. ;)