Friday, July 24, 2009

i have a date!

an actual "be excited, hold hands, just the two of us, stealing kisses, look nice, smell good, annoyingly cute" date. since we've been married we've gone out and done plenty of stuff....we do dinner often, and we go to movies and all that but it never really feels like a "date" because it's usually one of those "get home from work and don't wanna cook so we go out" kind of things or "we've been wanting to see that movie and we don't have anything to do tonight so lets go"kind of outings, and it seems like when you get married it gets to the point where when you go out it's usually with other couples (so that you don't become socially retarded because you just have to communicate with eachother). other times when we go out it's super fun...and i love the spur of the moment outings, and i love that josh takes me to sno shack almost every night...just the two of us. BUT....this time it was two days in advance and josh just turns to me and says-

josh: are we doing anything friday night?
me: not that i know of
josh: would you wanna to go on a date with me?
me: really? a date? what are you planning?
josh: a date
me: yeah!

so not only are we going out...but he actually asked me out! i thought it was so cute. and so for the last few days i've been asking what we are doing for our date and he tells me that it's a i'm sure it's gonna be dinner and maybe a movie (maybe we'll make out in the back of the theater haha), but i'm so excited...and it really feels like a date! i love my husband and i love that he does little things like this to keep things fun.


The Hanna Family said...

How fun! I love when boys are cute like that! Enjoy it while it lasts!