Monday, July 6, 2009

4th festivities

we had a fantastic 4th of july weekend...and me being the dummy that i am, didn't take any pictures! how sad is that? i guess that happens when there's a lot going on.
our festivities began at about 6 on friday night and didn't end until 10:30 sunday night. we were running around the whole weekend...and it was so fun! the 4th is my favorite holiday.
friday night we had our annual bbq and "freedom celebration" with kim, robb, mya, amanda, and kevin. we had a lot of great food and then headed out to do our fireworks (none of the "wimpy" legal ones for us...our boys aren't happy unless we are doing the illegal kind....and a lot of them. their motto is "go big or go home"). mya really liked the fireworks and did really well for being way past her bedtime. we set our fireworks show to all michael jackson songs. we sang, danced, and lit off fireworks till about 12 and then went home to bed.
saturday morning josh had to work at 8 so i went up to rexburg with him. we matched paint for stones room and then i headed to the parade with my mom, brother, grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles. then it was up to the family bbq. i went and got josh and we spent a few hours with my family eating and chatting. then we came back to the falls and had a little bbq with joshs mom and sister and a few other family members. then we headed out to the fireworks (the best part of the 4th). we spent the rest of the night watching people (there are a lot of weirdos out and about) and fireworks with some friends.
sunday josh got up and went golfing for the entire afternoon and i did house work. then we met up with some friends of josh's for dinner at cafe rio (my current craving). we left dinner and headed out with some other friends (and their adorable little girl) to do more fireworks (yes, my husband is a pyro), unfotunatley we only got to be out for about 30 min and then a storm came in so we went to baskin robbins instead.
all in all it was a great weekend. i'm sad that the 4th is already over and now summer is on the downhill. but that just means that we are closer to getting stone here, and next year at this time we will have a fun 8 month old boy to keep us busy.