Monday, June 29, 2009

summer weekends

i love the weekends...but i REALLY love the weekends in the summer. it seems like we always have something fun to do (and even if we don't...lounging in the sun and just being together is enough for me). this weekend we had the dunting task of cleaning out the spare bedroom to make room for the new addition to the family. neither of us were looking forward to it, but it wasn't too bad. once we figured out what we wanted/needed to keep in the house and what could be moved to the storage shed it really wasn't too fact it was kinda fun to go through old stuff that we hadn't looked at (or even remembered that we had) for over a year. my father in law came over with his truck and helped us move all the big stuff over and then we went to lunch at my new rio! all the clearing out took care of some of my newly found nesting needs as well (two birds with one stone! haha...get it?). we didn't get everything compleatly finished...but we are pretty darn close to having room for our baby boy.
later saturday afternoon we made a trip over to the park to hang with jermey and jenny and their family and it turned out being a lot of fun. the boys played baseball and us gals sat in the shade and was just a fun low key afternoon.
sunday morning brought our annual trip to wyoming for fireworks (even though we still had a whole box left from last year)! we took the morning and made the beautiful drive and i enjoyed every minuet of it (all this reain has made everything prettier that it usually is). we got some good (illegal) fireworks, and this is what my kitchen table looked like after inventory was taken. we are planning on doing our firework show this coming weekend...hopefully friday, but the weather is supposed to be crappy so maybe sunday night. after we got home from wyoming i was invited to a movie with my sister in laws and my mother in law. we went to see "my sisters keeper" and it was so good! heartbreaking, a total tear jerker, and made me think of what i would do if i was put in this situation (i love movies that make you FEEL things). i would totally recomend this movie to anyone. so good!
so this coming weekend is my favorite holiday...and i feel like it kinda just snuck up on us this year. i love the 4th...and im so excited for the melaluca fireworks (hopefully the weather holds out)! for me this marks the beginning of summer....and i love summer!


Chelsi and Trevor said...

I love Summer weekends too. I have missed the melaluca fireworks every year since I moved away. I always took them for granted when living so close. There really isn't any other show like them in the west.