Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ranting i just have to rant for a sec. i've bought a few maternity items here in town, but there really isn't much to choose from (unless i wanna wear a tent), so i got online and ordered a few things because i'm getting too big for my regular stretchy stuff. i bought 4 items (a skirt and three shirts) and spent 100 bucks!!!!
i just think its crap that people charge so much for maternity stuff....things that will only be worn for 3 or 4 months! but i guess that since we have to have it they can charge whatever they want and we'll just have to suck it up. i will say tho that the few things i got are super cute (at least they look that way online), and i just hope they fit and i can get some good wear out of them. i just feel so bad spending that kind of money on maternity clothes when we need to be getting lots of baby stuff....but i guess this is all just part of the journey right?


Genevieve said...

that seriously is the most frustrating thing about being pregnant! maternity clothes are so expensive! i was grateful for friends that lent me alot of stuff... even if it didn't fit great, it was free! can't wait to see the cute stuff you ordered though!

Nichole Eve said...

I think that is crazy for clothes. I always seemed to find cute ones at Target and also Oldnavy. And I know shopko has some as well. Good luck!! You look super cute pregnant by the way!!!

Summer Mortensen said...

I totally agree with you. The prices are outrageous, and it's not like we enjoy buying those kinds of things right? It's always better if you have someone to borrow clothes from, that way you don't have to go spend tons of money on stuff that you'll only wear a few times! MotherHood has a few cute things that aren't too bad on price, i'm sure you've already looked, but i was able to find stuff there once in a while. Good luck!