Thursday, July 16, 2009


at lunch today i was involved in a fender bender! i'm fine...stone is fine...and the old man and woman that backed into me are fine, but i'm frusterated. here's how it went....

im pulling out of the work parking lot onto a one way street. i wait for an old couple in an old ford to pass and then i pull out and proceed to get into the left lane so that i can continue to go straight (instead of having to turn and circle the block). the old couple stop in the middle of the road so i stop (half in the left lane and half in the right), and they proceed to back up! there is someone coming behind me so i can't back up. i lay on my horn and he keeps coming....i can see the accident in my head before it happens and all i can do is say (out loud)...ummm...hello?? and then....CRUNCH. the old man (who i later find out is named floyd) looks back totally suprised to see anyone was behind him. no damage was done to his old sturdy ford...but my poor little jetta's grill is crunched pretty good. we called the cops and all that...and when all was said and done neither of us were cited (even tho in my head it was totally his fault for not looking to see if i was there)! which means that his insurance won't be paying for it...and we will have to pay our deductable to get it fixed (wich is 500- 1000 bucks that we don't have at the moment).

floyd was a very sweet old man from california just out rv-ing for the summer with his wife. so i had a hard time being mad at him, but at the same time i was super hungry (any of you that know me knows that's a dangerous time of day to negativly cross my path), hot, pregnant, and redheaded (really the sweet old man was lucky that i didn't spit a slew of swear words and then punch him and break his glasses). i know that this is all part of life...and there is no point being frusterated...shit happens..move on. its just that we are having a baby so money is a little tighter, and is it too much to ask that no more "suprise" costs pop up for a while until we get ahead?
*sigh* life


hnoel said...

OH my gosh hun!!! I am SO GLAD you are okay! I can't believe your poor little jetta got crunched! How scary to have to just sit and watch your car get backed into- while your in it!!