Monday, August 3, 2009


so we are still dealing with this whole accident that i was involved in a few weeks ago. i have had to talk to three different insurance people so far and i've had to tell them all the same things....i get that, they need to make sure my stories match up and bla bla bla, but i told them that the best times to call me were after 5 pm (my time) on weekdays and any time on the weekends...well every single one of them have called in the middle of my work day, and when i tell them it's not a good time for me they seem all put out that i have to schedule a better time. so when they call me back it's usually been an hour before that scheduled time...hello?! so i make the time to talk to them so that we can just get it over with....and they have either been not so bright (one gal was named ashley and got our names mixed up...yeah), or they talk so fast or with such a thick accent that i can barely understand what they are asking me. so frusterating..and im sure that this will be drug out for even longer while they come look at my car and determine the damage and all that....just get it over with people.


Holly said...


This must be SO frusterating for you! Grrr! Hopefully it will all be worth it soon! :)

Yeah, I went wedding dress shopping with my little sister, man I wish I had gotten to see you though! How funny! :) It is a small world!