Tuesday, August 4, 2009

picnic....in bed

lately when i get home from work im tired and just need to get my body horizontal for a bit, so i usually lay down on the bed and either take a quick nap or make josh come in and lay by me and tell me about his day. yesterday josh came home and we were laying there talking about our days and he told me that he had to go to the IF store to pick some stuff up and if i would come we could go get cafe rio (again) for dinner (we don't cook much in the summer cuz it makes our house unbearablly hot)....so of course i went. while we were driving home with our food josh mentioned that we should have a picnic in bed (too cute), and i thought that sounded fabulous! so we got home, turned on the AC window unit in the bedroom (old houses don't have AC), turned on the TV, and watched the second karate kid (i had never seen them...i was sheltered as a child) while we had a picnic in bed. it was soo much fun, and i think the food tasted even better that way. yes, the lawn needed to be mowed, and the laundry needed folding, and dishes needed done....but we did this instead, and i'm so glad that we did.