Wednesday, September 9, 2009

it's that time of year

did anyone else feel the seasons click? it happened's offically fall. sure we might still have a few hot days left, but the nights are getting colder and our days are much shorter. with fall comes the exciting event of the birth of our little one, but before that excitment is the idaho state fair! that's right folks it's fair time and not even a warm day and this big belly is keeping me from going. we are going tonight and we are gonna pig out on all of the wonderful food (hopefully i can eat more than a bite of a tiger ear), walk all the booths (that never change), watch all the strange white trash people that there seems to be an abundance of (i'm not sure where they emerge from, but it never ceses to amaze me how many there are), and walk through the barns to see the animals (that, lets face it, we could all just drive a few miles from our homes and see them in their natural habitat).
tell me something...if the fair is the same every time, why is it that we can never seem to get enough? why do we feel the urge and the exitment to go every year? i mean really...i know that when i come home i will have a stomach ache (and this year...heartburn) from all the food, and smell like animal feces and dirt what's the appeal? is it that it lets us get in touch with our own white trash seves? or is it that it makes us feel like true idahoans? or is it just that it gets us out of the house and lets us do something that we don't do every other night of the year? for me i think it's a little bit of all of those things..because I can't wait to go! does anyone else love the fair?


Natalie said...

we went to the fair yesterday and had a great time. It will be so much more exciting when you have a little one, and you get to see the reaction on their face to all the animals. This year I let myself splurg a little on the food and it was ok, the thing I was looking forward to all year was the funnel cakes and yum it hit the spot, even though I had to give half of it to Bryce cause I couldn't eat it all. Over all it was a good time and well worth the drive!!!!

P.S. The white trash people were my favorite part too!!!

MegEddins said...

We went last night and Jack loved the animals. I have never seen such HUGE horses! I haven't been to the fair since the 6th grade, so it was all pretty new to me (funnel cake, tiger's ear) I loved it!