Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so happy

ups stopped by the office yesterday and brought me my new diaper bag!!! i am so excited about it. i know that it's just a diaper bag, and it's not that big a deal....but to me it is. if you ask anyone who is around me on a daily basis they would tell you that i've been talking and "stressing" about the freakin diaper bag pretty much since we got pregnant. i know that it's not a matter that needs to be stressed about, but i really wanted to be sure that i got one that met my qualifications which were:

1.) stylish
2.) not "babyish" meaning no cartoon animals or cheesy sayings
3.) big enough to hold everything that i'm gonna need (not that i know what i'm gonna need yet) but small enough that i don't feel like i'm overwhelmed by bag
4.) easy to clean
5.) stroller straps
6.) durable (i don't wanna have to buy a new one in 6 months cuz the first one was crappy)
7.) affordable
8.) and a bag that i'm gonna be excited about carrying EVERY SINGLE DAY
i read through customer reviews, watched video clips about these bags on youtube (yes you can find anything on youtube), looked at pictures, debated over colors, compared prices, asked anyone i knew that had a baby.....yes i went overboard, and i'm glad that i did! i came across this little gem in my searching. this bag is from DwellStudio.

when i first stumbled across it i thought it was super cute but it had two downfalls....there were no pictures of the interior and it was priced at $164.00!!!! that was so not gonna happen. so i quickly forgot about it and moved on. it seemed that all the bags i found that i really loved and had great reviews were the ones that cost 100 bucks or more and i was having a hard time thinking about spending that kind of money on a bag that i wasn't sure if i would like. so, to make a long story short...i saw this bag again in my searching and it was being discontinued and it was on sale for $64.00. so i looked it up other places online and read the reviews and they were all great....so i decided that even though that was still a little pricy for a bag (i justified it by telling myself that i would be using it every single day for the next...oh....6 or 7 years AND it was on sale) that i would take the plunge and just go for it. and when i got the bag yesterday i was so glad that i did!!! it's cuter and better than i expected. now, i know that i haven't gotten a chance to use it yet and to REALLY test it out but so far it seems to be exactly what i wanted.

it looks like cloth but it's a coated canvas that will wipe clean of any spills or messes (i didn't want that cheap plastic looking stuff), the handles are actaual leather, there are tons of pockets and places to put everything, the zippers are durable, there are built in stroller straps that are easy to use, the inside is all waterproof and easy to wipe clean, comes with a matching changeing pad and a nice little wipes case, it has pockets for bottles or sippy cups (yes they are big enough to fit the sippys) and it's cute and isn't gonna make me feel like i'm carrying a cheesy daiper bag around.

i know that i'm kinda rambling...and i can think of a few people who read my blog that will totally roll their eyes at this post (you know who you are), but i'm so thrilled that i found a bag that i'm happy with. so to all you soon to be mommys take the time to stress about the bag and to really make sure you are gonna like it, because it's gonna be your purse for the next...who knows how long, and who wants to go out a buy a new cheap bag every few months???


Genevieve said...

i also stressed about my diaper bag! i ended up buying a lacoste gym bag we found at nordstrom rack that i still use as mine. i love it! mine doesn't have pockets (which i would love) for the bottles and stuff but i was given an organization pack from pbk that i use and makes my life so much easier! don't worry- its not that strange to stress over something like this. because you really will use it non-stop whether its out and about or just being emptied for the 100th time that day! :) very cute bag though.

Kacie said...

So cute! I wanted that one but decided on another one! I love it!

Holly said...

SUPER cute Ashley! SO worth the $$... you can totally justify it, you will be so glad you splurged I promise! :) (feel free to call me anytime you go shopping... I'm really good at justifying!) ha!