Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what are we getting ourselves into?

so before i start in on my complaining i just wanna say that i am so excited to have the oportunity to even TALK about getting into a new bigger house, let alone the fact that we get to build our home and pick and choose how we want it to look and all that. i realize that there are so many out there that don't have this kind of chance at the moment because of the economy and all that this is really just me stressing about the situation...and not me being snotty to the fact that we are super lucky.
yesterday josh and i were informed that the realtors wanted our house ready to be looked at by thursday morning. this doesn't just mean being clean and organized....this means that by thursday morning we need to have anything and everything that aren't nessesities to us out of the house! pictures need to be taken down, extra dishes need to be out of the cupboards, shelves and their contents need to be removed, clothes that aren't being worn need to be out of the closets, even extra seating needs to be removed! i guess this is all so that the house can look bigger and people coming to look at it can invision their own stuff there and not ours. i don't think this would be that big of a deal if we didn't have so much stuff, if i wasn't about ready to pop, and if josh and i didn't both work full time jobs where we are exausted when we get home. but it is what it is. so we were planning on getting most of this done last night but it turnes out that we only got ONE closet done and everything possible moved out of it before it was too late and we were too tired to do anymore! so that leaves the rest of it to be done tonight. it's just so frusterating going through your house and deciding what you don't NEED....what if i do need it in a few weeks? i know we will survive and it's not that big a deal...but it's a lot of work that the tired pregnant lady and her overworked husband don't really want to do. wish us luck!


JJ said...

It is sooo stressful!!!! Hey just for your 411 I should of told you before....our realtor has been amazing for us, if you need a good one! We seriously love the guy! GOOD LUCK1

hnoel said...

Luck Luck Luck!