Thursday, October 1, 2009

i didn't know we had so much stuff

we didn't get everything done that we were supposed to, but we got a lot of stuff packed up and taken to our storage unit. i didn't know we had so much crap just taking up space! not that it's just crap, we do use it...sometimes, but it did amaze me the things we have laying around the house that we only use a few times a month...or a year. we worked from 6 until about 8:30 when our neighbors (we love you sam and nichole!) came over and offered to help load stuff up into their truck (because the 9 months pregnant woman wasn't gonna be any help) and take it over to the unit in the pouring...freezing rain. we got a whole truck load taken over and then we still had to clean the house so we decided to call it a night with the packing and get things presentable. it was a long evening and i think i may have overdone it just a little (i'm not used to being so limited in my activities), because i'm feeling pretty worn this morning. i was stressed and at the end of the night i felt like i had failed becasue we just couldn't get it all done. i'm sure it will be fine and josh had to keep reminding me that it wasn't the end of the world. we'll see what the realtors have to say later.