Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the invention of lying

this weekend josh and i decided to go on a little date (because who knows when we will get the chance again?). we ran a few errands (like getting my ring cleaned, dropping the dogs off for haircuts, and investigating what our options are for wiring the new house for speakers) we went to lunch at cafe rio (yum!) and then we went to the movie "the invention of lying".it was a pretty cute movie...funny, clever, and there were some fun movie star cameos that i wasn't expecting (like edward norton as a super funny cop). i'm not gonna say that it was fantastic...and that you should run right out and see it (in fact i would wait till it comes out on video and then netflix it), but it was pretty cute, and the most important part is that i was out with my hubby having a great afternoon just the two of us!