Monday, October 5, 2009

it's offical

our house is officially on the market! when i got home on friday i noticed a century 21 for sale sign in my yard...and it was really weird ti have the feeling that our house doesn't REALLY belong to us belongs to us and our realtor. we are also listed on the century 21 website. it's fantastic to have everything coming together..and to have the house out there on the market, but it just feels odd. but if you know anyone who is looking for a house in the $89,000 range let me know!
we got a lot more stuff out of the house this weekend, and we are hoping that we won't have to move anything else until we move out.
we also met the newest member of our family this weekend....she is a teeny tiny teacup schnauzer. her name is jazzmin, she is pitch black, and she is so sweet. my sister-in-law amanda couldn't resist a puppy any now i think everyone in joshs immediate family has a schnauzer.
i'm also over 36 weeks along in my pregnancy now, so now we are just playing the waiting game. our little stone can come at any time now and we would be thrilled. we are scared and nervous, but i think as ready as we will ever be. my work threw me a super fun surprise baby shower on friday (go to my baby blog to see pictures), and now we have more than enough stuff for this little boy of ours.


Genevieve said...

wow! i can't believe your already 36 weeks. you look great too!! and how fun to have a surprise shower at work. can't wait to see pics of stone!! hope the next few weeks are enjoyable and relaxing for you. congrats on listing your house too- good luck!!

Brent & Ashlie Eborn said...

That is so fantastic!! I will have to come visit you in your NEW house!! I'll actually be in town this weekend (no BRENT!!) So if you want to get together, I'll give you a text- I'd be great to see you!! :)