Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my hero

...it's my phone, no i'm not saying that my phone is ACTUALLY my hero, but that's what my new phone is called...the HTC HERO (from sprint). i finally have a fancy phone and i love it! this thing does EVERYTHING...email, facebook, twitter, internet, blogging, pictures, video, weather...you name it this little baby does it. sure it has a few (very few in my opinion) issues along the way (short battery life being the biggest annoyance), but i figure....it's basically a palm sized computer that also makes phone calls, it's amazing, so i can handle a few issues.
josh and i were both due for phone upgrades, and we decided that we deserved to splurge on ourselves a little (being new parents is hard work).
it's been two weeks with my hero and i've downloaded some great apps (and some not so great ones), personalized to my hearts content, learned a few (very few) things about android phones, and basically just had a blast.
this is what the hero looks like out of the box

nice and streamline, but a little boring for me. so after some searching online for some cute "skins", i made a decision and got mine yesterday...put it on and this is what my hero looks like today

i got the skin from decal girl and i LOVE it.

bottom line, if anyone is looking for a new fancy phone go with the hero...you won't be dissapointed.