Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how cute is this face?

i know i'm a little biased, but isn't this the cutest face in the whole world?? stone is doing great! growing like crazy (17lbs. already!), and getting smarter and learning new things every day. he will be 5 mo. old on april 1st, and i can't believe it's already been that long, it really seems like we just brought him home a few weeks ago. he's been a fantastic baby for the most part (of course i have no frame of referance), and i think josh and i have transitioned into parenthood pretty nicely. we have had a few tough days (and nights), and there was one small breakdown on my part (many more to come i'm sure), but all in all...it's been great!
stone has a new jumper now, and he loves it!
he can really get some air in it. it's the "graco bumper jumper", and if anyone is looking for a doorway jumper this is the one to get (in my opinion). he still won't roll over which worries me a little, but i'm told that it takes babys a lot longer than it used to because they don't spend as much time on their tummies. i'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon. he does have a tooth coming in which has made him a litte cranky the last few days (super fun), but i know it could be worse....so i'll take a little cranky over super cranky any day. sleeping is going really well....we gave in and gave the binky back (we tried to take it for a few nights), but it hasn't been a problem since then (yay!). he's usually sleeping from about 9:30 till around 5 or 6 with no interuptions at all.

as for josh and i.....we are both just working, and trying not to go crazy waiting on the house. it has been marked off and there is a big truck on the lot just waiting to dig (funny thing is...it's parked right where our driveway will be)...we just have to have the right weather (it's idaho...is that ever gonna happen?)


Chelsi said...

Ashley, he is darling. That just might be the cutest baby boy face in the world (I'm reserving the female nomination for that title for my little Ivie). I can't believe they grow so fast!

Britt and Chad said...

He does have a cute face!! Adorable. Hope you guys are doing well