Wednesday, June 30, 2010


yes..i went to the midnight premire of eclipse this morning. yes i'm working today. yes i only got about 2.5 hours of sleep. and yes, i'm insane. to be honest the midnight premire wasn't something that really mattered to me...i would have been fine seeing the movie in a few days...or a week, but me and a few gals from work decided to try and win tickets....and we did! so we went, and we had fun! the movie was GREAT and the company was even better. i'm tired now, and i know this afternoon will be murder...but it was worth it.
the movie is really good. lots of action, some comedy (gotta love charlie), plenty of eye candy (jacob anyone?), romance, and my favorite part...more of the cullens! it's about time we saw more of them. i'd love to go see it again (movies are better the second time around). did anyone else go to the midnight premire? what did you think of the movie?


Holly said...

I had forgotten it came out today. Glad you want to the showing. It's always good to have a girls night out. I can't wait to see the movie. Maybe we could go together?

Josta said...

it was AMAZING i LOVED it, i like how it followed the book too more closely than either of the other ones. and the cullens being more involved was a major plus and the eye candy lol i went with my gay best friend and he kept yelling who keeps dressing him? lol it was so good and so much fun