Tuesday, June 29, 2010

guest blogger

so i was asked to be a "guest blogger" on an adoption blog! i was asked just to tell my adoption story. it ended up being longer than i thought it would, but if any of you are interested here is the link. it was a tougher story to write than i thought it would be. i've told the story many times, but going through the pictures and old letters and everything was hard, but it was good for me to go back and, in a way, relive that part of my life. let me know what you think!
p.s my mom and i took Stone down to Utah this weekend, and we met up with Seth and his family. we had a great trip! i'll post more about it later because the pictures are on my moms camera...and we all ike posts with pictures more.


Holly said...

Of course I was there 6 years when it happened, I cried then and I cried now reading your story. You did a great and wonderful thing for Seth and his parents. You are right- it wasn't a mistake it was a blessing.

Shalee said...

Girl, I could hardly read that...my eyes kept getting bleary and I couldn't see :) I have heard you tell your story before. It is beautiful, and you are amazing. Thanks for sharing. (k- now i need to go find more mascara :) )