Wednesday, June 23, 2010

in the last week

it's been a week since i last posted and since then a few things have happened. the biggest and most upsetting is that our dogs ran away...we found one, but the other is still lost. he has tags and a newspaper ad and flyers have been posted (thanks to patti and amanda). we got a tip yesterday from a guy who said he saw wolfie sunday as far as we know he's still alive and just running around lost. ace (the other dog) is pretty broken up about it and hasn't been the same since. wolfie is a dark grey/ black mini schnauzer, is wearing a black collar and tags. he was lost in ammon...if any of you see or hear of anything please let me know...we miss our boy!
in other house has walls!!!!
front views

my guys checking out their soon to be new digs

or..i guess i should say some walls. but things are coming along (funny how things seem small until they are finished)! we are even supposed to start picking out our exterior doors and windows! i can't wait! i'm so excited to have my own brand new home!
also....i'm super excited for this weekend mom, stone, and i are going down to utah to shop and see seth and his family!!! i haven't seen them i 3 years and i'm soooo excited!!! hopefully stone will do well on the drive...and i hope he sleeps well in the hotel. i will be shopping mainly for outfits for stones 8 month photoshoot, happening july 10th with ms.annalee taylor of a.taylor photography. she is so talented and i'm super excited to have her get a few shots of my little guy. lots of stuff going on right now and i'm so excited!


Holly said...

Your house looks great!! I loved that stage- you could actually see progress. Hope Wolfie comes back or you can find him. Oh Stone's pics are gonna be great- Annalee does a great job!!