Wednesday, October 20, 2010


my family (brothers and sis-in-law) was in town (from utah) over the weekend, so we all got together at our place and had dinner and hung out. it was so fun to have my whole family in the same doesn't happen much anymore and i miss them! they had fun with stone, and it sounds like they might all make it up again for stones birthday!
my three handsome brothers hanging out while stone has his bath 
my wonderful mom and beautiful sis-in-law bethany
chilling with daddy

riding the rides at leos..he wasn't sure what to think at first...but he ended up liking them
after a busy weekend stone was worn out and couldn't keep his eyes open through he took a nap in the cart.

in other news...stone will be one in less than two weeks (and then i'll be turning 26)! where did the time go?


Natalie said...

pictures are so cute, I can't believe he is going to be one, time really does fly, didn't you just have him?!!?

Rasmussen Family said...

Cute pictures. I love the brothers in the bathroom with Stone!

Tracie said...

Such fun pictures! I love the ones of your mom and Grandpa Jerome! I grew up with your mother and it looks like she did a great job raising her children. You have no better example of motherhood than your mother and your grandmother! Enjoy life -- I think you already are!!