Tuesday, October 12, 2010


i read this post and it broke my heart. i know that things like this (and worse) go on in the world..i'm not naive to that, but it makes me so sad. how can a person look and a tiny child....a sweet, innocent child, and hurt them in any way? i don't think that post should just be directed at dad's tho...i think men and women both need to think about their parenting style. my child is getting to the age that discipline is going to be a big part of our lives, how will i handle it? i'll admit that i've been frustrated with stone already..mostly when he spits out his food for the 14th time during a meal, or he just wants to throw his food on the floor, but i don't ever want to be a yell er. i don't ever want my child to be afraid of me, i want my child to know that i love him always...no matter what, i don't want to break my child.


Kacie said...

I also read this article and I had a hard time reading some of the comments about turning him in for child abuse. I mean really he yelled at his kid and yeah maybe broke him but it is going to happen in life. I'm pretty sure I've broken my children a few times on days when life seems too hard to handle and then your children are dumping out things all over the aisles at the stores and then screaming and spitting in your face you just about can't take it. It isn't right ever but it is hard and we all make mistakes. That is why children were made so forgiving to forgive us of our shortcoming because we all have them. Not that you should ever abuse that. Now if he was really being abusive I could see the need for discussion but it's hard for me to read someone casting judgement on someone after seeing them in one situation. It is good to sit down every once in a while and evaluate yourself and strive to do better.