Tuesday, October 12, 2010


i was directed to this post (go read it...and think about it) from another blog (thanks holly)...and all i can say is...WOW. i think it's so true. i believe that we all need to pinpoint our imperfections, and be ok that we are imperfect. i also believe that when we know our weaknesses and imperfections we can work on them and become better people, but none of us are perfect. so in the light of reading this post, and getting in touch with a few of my own imperfections here's a list of just a few of mine:
i procrastinate...there is a basket of laundry sitting in my living room that should have been folded 2 days ago
i don't make dinner very often...i only know how to make a few meals, and otherwise i don't know how or what to make...so i don't
i don't ask for help around the house and then i get frusterated and cranky that i'm not getting any help
i feel like less of a mother because i'm working ouside of the home
i feel guilty that i don't take home baked treats to neighbors, family, and friends
sometimes when i'm helping someone i get a chip on my shoulder that it's me helping yet again and someone else isn't taking their turn

so those are just a few of my imperfect, dirty little secrets....what are some of yours? let's get real. and i'm going to work on this list of mine...i'll report back.


Kacie said...

Perfection is hard and yet we all want it! My imperfections are
-Negativity and Complaining in almost every situation and then taking it out on everyone else even though it is not there fault!
-I am a horrible cleaner and organizer my house is always a mess!
-I am a junk food addict!
-I never follow through with anything! Always give up half way through everything!