Wednesday, November 24, 2010

guess who can walk? and other news

of course i don't have pictures of it...but i did get a short video that i'll try to post later. he's been taking 3 or 4 wobbly steps at a time for a few weeks now, but last night he just let go of the couch and took off! he still prefers crawling, but i'm so proud of my little guy! now the real work begins. haha.
in other news....getting stone to drink anything is still not going so well. he likes milk a little better now that i started mixing it with just a little bit of ovaltine but he still doesn't love it. he also doesn't seem to like to drink out of a sippy. i've been offering him a sippy since he was about 6 months, but now that i'm trying to get him off bottles he doesn't seem to want it. any advise there? i've tried a bunch of different cups and he will drink a little bit out of them...but not enough to make me feel that he's getting enough fluids. am i doing something wrong? is there a sippy that you swear by???
one more thing.....we are getting a new car!! i'm so excited! since stone was born we've only had one car that can fit his car seat, and one that josh has had since before we's a 2 door prelude and he loves it. we have been trading off cars every day depending on who had stone....well then the jetta broke down so we had to borrow someones car that had room for the little mister (thank goodness for family) then the snow hit and joshs car doesn't have heat (brrr) and it's a really low car so there was no getting out of our driveway in for a new car that can handle our needs. we are looking into a ford escape, and so far we love it! hopefully by the end of the day we will have a new vehicle in our home.


Genevieve said...

yay for walking! so fun but so sad too when they start walking... :) and as for sippy cups, i found the nuby worked best for madilyn. i used the one with handles probably up until just after her 1st birthday but then switched to the tall skinny ones. they were only like 97 cents i think at walmart. she liked those because they were soft. good luck! its just hard switching from bottle to sippy cup. with madilyn, we just had to do it cold turkey one day and hide all of her bottles. i mean- hide them well because if she saw one she wanted it! but then after even just a few days of the bottle not being an option, she was fine. but every kid is different. good luck- you're doing great!

Holly said...

Hurray for walking! The sippy cup is hard. The main reason they don't like them, they have to suck harder. We tried lots too. Carson really liked the ones by Playtex. I got the ones with the rounder top (the part they drink out of). Those seemed to work better then the ones with a square top. You can always try a water bottle too. The only downside with those, they aren't spill proof. Good luck on finding one he likes. Hope you enojoy the new car! :)