Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my baby boy is 1!

on sunday (oct. 31) we had a birthday party for stone (he didn't turn one till the next day, but this is when we could all get together). we had a lot of family show up.
 and they all spoiled him
we had a great friend make an amazing cake (let me know if you need a cake decorated...she does a fantastic job)
the whole cake was edible (and delicious) except for the strings 
we opened gifts
and watched stone tear into his cake

he loved it!
we had a great party and we are so grateful to all the family that came and made it special and spoiled our boy.
i just cant believe that a year ago this baby boy was brand new and bruised all over
i was in love. and at that moment i really thought this year would go much slower than it did. we had a few hard nights/ days (very few), and it took some practice getting good at changing diapers, making bottles (and doing countless other things) with one hand, calming a fussy baby, and getting him to sleep. but it didn't take long before we felt like we knew what we were doing.  
now my baby boy is going into toddlerhood
and i'm still in love
i'm not sure what the next year with a toddler will be like......temper tantrums, the transitions into real people food, no more bottles, walking, talking...... but i'm looking forward to it. ups and downs and all.
happy birthday stone! mommy loves you!


Holly said...

They grow up too fast!! He's a cutie! Looks like the party was fun...and in your new house with everyone is even better.

A Life Being Lived said...

That cake is amazing! Stone looks like he loved the party. So neat to see his newborn picture right alongside his one year old picture!

Kimberly said...

Wow, a year already!! Why can't they stay little longer. :(