Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

christmas was low key this year, and that was just fine with me. we told everyone that we weren't going anywhere this year...we were staying home to enjoy the house, and that they could come to us...and they did! it was so much fun to not go anywhere this year. Most years before this one we have gone to see my parents, joshs mom, joshs dad, and joshs grandma. that was always a lot of fun, but this year it was so nice to stay home, and not have to pack up the baby and be in the car most of the day.
it was so much fun to get to play Santa to our own child this year. he didn't know what was going on, but it was still fun.
santa brought stone a basketball hoop and a rocking dinosaur. santa also brought ace (our dog) a new bed, collar, and ball to play with...and stone liked that stuff more than his gifts!
stone was spoiled this year

and so were josh and i. family members all got us decorations for our house! it feels so nice to have things on the wall, and it's all stuff that we love! we didn't have to take anything back! our family is good!
this year i made my mom a book of stones first year. i made it with and it turned out fantastic! it literally took my breath away when i first saw it, and my mom loved it too. if you are thinking of doing any kind of photo book, mixbook is the way to go.
we had a good christmas, but i'm glad it's over. it was really busy and hectic this year (i hate that feeling, because that isn't what christmas is about), and i think that is because i wasn't year i'll be ready for it! we got the tree and christmas decorations down on sunday, and it's nice not having to constantly tell stone to leave the tree alone. i hope everyone else had a great holiday, and i'm wishing everyone a safe and happy new year!