Thursday, December 16, 2010

busy busy busy

we're still here! i've been pretty busy the last few weeks and not with anything too noteworthy. just getting ready for christmas...and i've already promised myself that next year i'll be doing my shopping throughout the year so that i'm not stressed about getting it all done in december (it's too expensive this way!). we have the tree up (a 7.5 footer this year), our stockings are hung above the fireplace, there are a few decorations (borrowed from my mother-in-law) up, and the house feels very festive. we've been to a few holiday parties, and stone got to come and meet santa at one of them!
 it's not easy to get a decent picture of stone right now....he's way too mobile (walking everywhere!) and busy to sit still
my boss opens up his house every year for his employees to bring all of their kids and meet santa, have horse drawn sleigh rides, and he buys each child a gift! how nice is that?
 my boy looked so handsome in his holiday outfit.
 do you ever get the feeling of "how did i get here?" that feeling hit me the other night as i sat watching my guys play. how did i get lucky enough to have these two in my life?
 and how is that all of a sudden i'm old enough to be married for 5 years, have a house, a baby, and a family of my own? it just seems like not long ago i was pulling over in vacant parking lots at 10 at night, cranking up the music on the car stereo and dancing with my friends. it's just all gone so fast, and it really hit me the other day. i'm so blessed to be where i am with the people that are in my life. and i need to stop and just enjoy the moments that seem so small...because they are the ones that matter. like this little guy playing in the bubble bath....he's my own little santa.
christmas is right around the corner....i didn't send out cards this year, or make holiday neighbor treats, or get a family photo taken. but i do take the time every night to let my babe play in the tub, and watch a little TV with the hubby. maybe next year i'll get around to doing the neighborly thing....but this year i've been happy to go home to my new house, my hubby, and my baby and stay holed up there


Natalie said...

What a cute little guy, hope you have a merry Christmas.

P.S. I didn't get a Christmas card out or goodies to my neighbors either :)

Holly said...

Your little guy is getting so big!! Even though life is busy, it means you have a good life!

You could still do Christmas cards-that pic of the 3 of you at the party is cute. But if not, don't feel bad... I didn't do cards or gifts either. Maybe next year.

Hope you have a great Christmas.