Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the great outdoors

the weather has been quite nice lately so we have been trying to get stone out to play as much as possible. we don't have a yard yet so we've been taking trips to the park, the splash park, the zoo, and sometimes just out to the driveway to color with the sidewalk chalk
knock knock

 chalk bumb

 mamma has her very own super hero
 what a studly little batman

 at the zoo.....and then our camera died.....nice

 josh is very excited to teach little man how to play baseball....first lesson....pitching

 he's getting so big

 cheesy mamma
that's what we've been up to. stone has also recently started throwing little tantrums when things don't go his way. terrible two's on the way?? i'm not so good at handling the fits. the biggest one comes when i try to wash his hair....he doesn't like water on his head i guess. any tips?


indeazgirl said...

He is so absolutely adorable. And you are a great photographer. Love the chalk bum pic, and the batman, and the piggy back, and well, pretty much all of them. So cute.

Britt and Chad said...

I don't have any tips, but I just gotta tell you that he's adorable!! I can't get over how stinkin' cute he is.