Tuesday, July 12, 2011

just a few pictures

not much has been going on with us, but because i have such a cute boy i thought i would share a few pictures
over the 4th we had a few BBQ's and stone's favorite part was playing in the water at the crocketts house.

 splashing in the slip n' slide is what he spent most of his time doing
 stone has recently started to stack his blocks. he's very particular about how they are stacked, and if they fall over he gets really upset and frusterated. this day we showed him to build his tower on the kitchen floor instead of the carpet and he built it 10 blocks high! i was proud and so was he.
 grandpa hegsted took stone on a 4-wheeler ride, but i guess it didn't last long enough...that's what the face is about
 my parents irrigate their lawn about once a week and we happened to be there one of the days they did it, so stone got to play in the water....he loved it. how cute is this picture of my boy and my dad?

 i have a water baby! i'm so glad it's been warm enough to "swim"
 my handsome boys


Lisa Weeks said...
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Josta said...

He is getting so big! :) i hope i can visit you guys sometime this year!
Love and miss you guys! :)

Holly said...

He's so big and cute. Love that he's a water boy. Funny that he's particular about how he stacks his blocks... my little man gets that way about things. :)

A Life Being Lived said...

GREAT new pics! He's so full of life and curiosity! What beautiful blue eyes.

Kimberly said...

I love the picture of Stone and your dad, so cute! Oh, I remember the days of playing on your lawn when you flooded it, good times - except for being poked by the pine needles hiding in the grass.

Chris & Stephanie said...

What great pictures. The one with your dad is just priceless. He is getting so big. He doesn't even look like a toddler anymore.

Leslie said...

I was going to say the same thing as Kim...and we would find cool/gross insects, bees, and snakes.