Monday, August 15, 2011


i'm asking for help again. stone has gotten to the point where he can climb out of his crib. he's quite good at it (i may have given birth to a monkey...he's THAT good at climbing). so saturday night he wouldn't stay in his crib, and my worry wasn't really that he was getting out and playing in his room, but that once he was ready to sleep he couldn't get back into his i made josh take the fron rail off the crib and we turned it into a toddler bed (i was really sad about this). it was a bit of a rough night...but we finally got him into a deep sleep at 2 am and he stayed asleep till 8. not too awful right? well then naptime came....stone is down to one nap a day now so when that once nap comes...he needs it. well, there was no napping in the "big boy bed". he was too excited to play in his room. last night went much better (i think because he was so exausted)...we got him to sleep at 10...and he stayed asleep till we had to get him up this morning. so my question to you smart, experienced moms out there is this....any tips on getting a sweet little one to sleep in a toddler bed? or is this just something that, like so many other things with kids, has to come with time? mom, stone and i are going out of town this weekend (we get to go see seth! yay!), so any tips on staying in a hotel with a toddler that has never slept in bed with his mamma? help me!


Shalee said...

This sounds like my boys :)

We had to up our game a little when they went to toddler beds. It took about 20 trips of just going in and putting them back in bed before they would start to realize that they should be staying there! One thing that really helped one of my boys was putting glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. It was a little something that helped get him to lay down. We put all the toys/books/anything interesting out of reach at bedtime so there was no temptation to play....just a boring room to sleep in :)

Good luck!

Kacie said...

The first few nights are hard. With Braxton we had to lay by him for a while which was hard to break but that's what he needed to sleep in his bed. With Kinley she needs her freedom to play before bed so with her we put her in her bed, I turn on her music box, we shut off the lights and close the door and sometimes she gets out and plays but she always ends up falling asleep in her bed. She just needs to believe she has her who knows you just gotta find what works for him...and the whole climbing out of bed excitement will die down after a while. As for hotels...We have a set bedtime routine and no matter where we are we try to stick to it! I bring all their blankets and toys they sleep with so there are no battles and make sure to have everything that might come up at night! I would say you can get a travel crib at most hotels and he might sleep in it he might just want to climb out but it is worth a try and worth sleeping in your bed alone if it works!