Thursday, September 22, 2011

annual lagoon trip

over the weekend we went on our annual lagoon trip, and we squeezed hogle zoo in this time too. we saw some cool animals

 and played with the kiddos (i should say, the kiddos played together and had a blast)

my boy is happiest when he can go, do, and see what he wants, so running around the play area was his favorite thing.
The next morning we went to cracker barrel for breakfast and then hit up lagoon. we went to the kiddie rides first thinking we would wear stone and mya out and then while they napped we would do the big kid rides. i thought for sure that stone would love all of the rides...and he did like some of them

but a few of them he really didn't like
i felt so bad watching him cry on this one, but by the end he had settled himself down and was fine.
he didn't cry on this one, but he clung to my shirt for dear life, and when we got off he looked at me and said, "too fast, scary". he was a trooper though. we had so much fun!


Chris & Stephanie said...

What a great time and great pictures to capture the memories. So glad you were able to do so much. Miss you.

Leslie said...

I'm right there with him. I remember riding that dragon roller coaster for the very first time. It looked like more fun than it actually was : )

When Camden was around 2 we took him to Lagoon. The kidish airplane ride looked fun, so we strapped him in (I was behind him) and it went much faster and higher than I expected. He just clung on to me and grunted. I was waiting for the throw up, but luckily it didn't happen!