Friday, August 10, 2012

the big news

so, there's some big news i'd like to share with you all...
 that's right! my little man is going to be a big brother!!
this little bean is due to arrive in early march of 2013! we are so excited and stone keeps telling me we saw the baby growing in mammas heart......he got a little confused when we told him that we were going to see the baby's heart. haha. sweet boy. he usually tells us that he wants a sister (just like his cousin) but sometimes he wants a little brother, so i think either way he'll be happy.
i've been feeling fine for the most part, no morning sickness but i am exausted and headachy all the time. i also feel like my clothes already don't fit....getting bigger faster this time around. there will be belly pictures to come. but in the mean time here's my do you super mom's juggle two (or more!) kiddos?? tell me the secrets!


Holly said...

HURRAY and CONGRATS!! Having 2 isn't that bad. I think it was more of a change having our 3rd. And for you it won't be bad because Stone is older and can help out.

My best advice.... invest in these 2 items: a double stroller and a baby chest/back carrier. That way you aren't trapped.
Get a double stroller that your car seat can snap into so you can be outside on walks, at the mall, etc. My double stroller has been a lifesaver...even with 3. I put all 3 in there!
I also have a ergo carrier. It can be on the front or the back (a big plus in buying a baby carrier). I bought my double stroller new, but check out craigslist for a used one. I bought my ergo carrier used off of ebay. You are welcome to come try it out and see if you like it before you buy one.
And like always we need to catch up and get together. Call me on your day off and we'll do a play date either here or there. :)

Beth Willmore said...

Congratulations Ashley! With each baby life just gets better and crazier! You might have to drink a few more pops here and there to survive, but it's totally worth it! :)

Genevieve said...

congrats!! so exciting!!! i agree with holly- a double stroller and baby bjorn are both essential. i used my double stroller alot with 2 and now with the 3- i don't leave the house without it! and i can't survive without my baby bjorn. i use it in the house sometimes even when the baby is fussy and wants to be held but i need 2 hands to play with or help or clean or just do- its a lifesaver. oh and i just bought a nice diaper bag when i was pregnant with #3 and thats helped me out. its been nice having a good diaper bag, its always packed and organized. and really because stone is older he can help and with 2 kids, you have a hand for each of them! it won't be bad- you'll do great!

Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

Yeah, I'm so excited for you! Congratulations!