Monday, October 22, 2012

life and gender reveal!

wow! how lame is it that i haven't posted anything since we announced that we were pregnant? i would try to play catch-up but that seems to take way to long to upload all the pictures and i'll just say this...over the summer we took our annual trip to lagoon and hogle zoo. the kids had a blast and stone still talks about it. josh finished out garage over the summer, insulation, dry-wall, and paint. it was a huge job for him but he got it done and it looks great. it was a pretty low key summer and i'm glad that it's autumn now. i like the change of the cooler weather, and the coziness that fall brings. i've even been in the mood lately to cook and bake a little bit...and if you know me....i don't cook. so it's been a nice change. last night i made these
pretty huh? i love apple chips but can never bring myself to spend the money on those tiny bags....and i know the store bought ones are loaded with sugar. so i found this recipe on pintrest (we all love pintrest right?) and thought i would try them. i gave them a shot for the first time last week...and they turned out ok...but i didn't have an apple corer or anything to slice the apples thin with. but i thought what the heck? it can't be that hard to do it the "old fashioned" way. and it wasn't hard....but it took longer and i couldn't get the apples all sliced the same so some of them burned and some of them didn't get done enough. this time i went to wal mart and found me a corer and a slicer and tried again, and this time they came out great! just apples and cinnamon.....mmm crunchy goodness. they do take forever though because they have to bake on such a low temp.....but on the plus side they make the house smell delicious.
stone and i went costume hunting a few weeks ago. stone didn't really care what he dressed up as this year, but he does want to go trick-or-treating. josh thought stone should be yoda this year and i thought i pirate would be cute...but yoda won out so that's what stone will be dressed as this year, but as we were looking for the costume we tried on a few other things...ladies and gentlemen, i give you, sir elton john!
 haha! my little guy is such a ham! he loves to try on hats and glasses.
oh....and in other news. i should mention that we found out the gender of our little one
 i'll spare you the gender shot....but here is the cute little profile of our baby.....GIRL! it took forever (like 45 minuets) for the technician to be sure, but this little lady wouldn't uncross her legs for anything. it was 45 minuets of pressing on a very full bladder but i didn't mind....i love to watch the amazingness going on in there. ultrasounds are amazing to me. our little lady finally uncrossed just enough for the ultrasound tech to be sure that there was nothing there but three little lines. we are thrilled and pretty nervous to have a girl. we know how to do the boy thing...we have boy a girl is gonna be a whole new ball game, but we are ready for the challenge. we had a little gender reveal party for our families
and it was so much fun to see everyone's reaction. my mom was super excited (we have a picture of my moms face on our camera that i'll have to upload) and a few of us were crying. a friend of ours made the cupcakes and they were the best cupcakes i have ever tasted....she does amazing cakes so if anyone needs a birthday cake, wedding cake, gender reveal cake...let me know. she is amazing. now we just have to think of a name (any suggestions would be welcome....something that isn't too generic to go with stone...we have a few names we like but nothing we are sold on yet), and nursery colors!
and here i am in all my 20 week glory
halfway there baby!!!
well that's been out life in a nutshell. phew!


Holly said...

A girl is fun! They are so much fun to shop for. A name is hard. We didn't decide on Kelsey's name until we were at the hospital. So good luck. Looks like it was a fun party and a cute way to tell the family.

Shalee said...

Fun! You look so great and I'm excited for you.

PS- Your shower curtain is seriously adorable!

A Life Being Lived said...

Congratulations! Stone is going to be a great big brother!

Rasmussen Family said...

Love Girls! I can't wait to see the picture of your moms face. I am sure she is already planning girly things. Great picture of you!