Friday, December 28, 2012


christmas this year went down much differently than i thought it would. both of my guys ended up sick on christmas eve. stone puking and josh i think is coming down with ammonia  or something. so i spent the evening cleaning up throw up and washing sheets and clothes. josh and stone spent the evening in bed.
it wasn't what i wanted for christmas eve but it did give us some alone and snuggle time.....which is rare at christmas. we still managed to put a "santa look" together for our boy to see in the morning
oh! and that cute hutch you see there.....that was a christmas gift from my amazing is that?
stone didn't wake up till about 9:30 the next morning (after having been up throwing up and begging for water and something to eat that i knew would come right back up all night long....break my heart). we managed to have some breakfast that he kept down and then opened some gifts. he tried to be excited for his stocking and santa and all that but the little trooper had no energy and fell asleep in the middle of opening gifts and slept for another three hours
 when he woke up he was feeling much better. still not 100% but good enough to want to plow the driveway with dad
and open the rest of his gifts
he got so many news toys that he doesn't know what to play with and he goes from one thing to the next so that he can play with everything....makes a huge mess for me. we still have a christmas mess at the house.
later that afternoon we made a quick trip to grandma pattis to open a few gifts and spend a little time with them since we didn't get to on christmas eve. grandma patti and grandpa ron had a new car waiting for the grand kids to share when they come to her house
its a super fancy little car. and stone needs some driving lessons. he just drives till he hits grandma's walls, and then keeps laying on the gas. haha. he thought it was a fun.
All in all it was a good christmas....but it's no fun having a sick kiddo or a sick husband. hopefully next year will be better.