Monday, April 21, 2008

29th Birthday!

So yesterday was Josh's 29th Birthday! We had a great weekend with all three of our families. Since Josh's parents are divorced we have two parties for his family...and one for mine. So that is 3 parties in 2 days! On saturday we decided to get out the grill and have tons of good food and Josh wanted to watch the Jazz playoffs.
We had Kim and Robb (Josh's sister and her hubby) over, and Josh's dad and his Grandma, and my mom also came down because all of my brothers and my dad were in Utah watching my brother compete in a trials competition (he took first place...congrats Shaun!) So we all got together around 6 and started grilling and the game came on at about 7:30. We had a great time with really great food (Plus the Jazz won...great day!). Yesterday Josh's mom invited us over for Josh's favorite meal for lunch so we hung out there with Kim and Robb and Ron and Patti for a few hours. We had great food (Ptti is and excelent cook) and just chatted. Then after that my family came down and spent the evening with us at our place. We opened gifts, had cake, and spent time together. All in all it was a fun weekend, and me..being the idot that I am, didn't take any pitures (ok I lied....I did take 2, and neither of them turned out), so I have no great pictures to go along with the post...except the ones that I took from the internet. Happy 29th Birthday baby! I