Friday, May 2, 2008


Ok...So I have to put it out there...I'm a HUGE Grey's fan, and I was so excited for the new episodes (unfortunately we were out of town so I had to record it)! The good thing aobut recording it was that when we got home on Wednesday I got to watch the new episode and then the next night I got to see another new one! Anyways...I have to say that I love the George and Lexie roomate situation (yes I talk about these people like they are real and like I know them), I wasn't sure if I would like it...but I do. Next..I wanna say that I miss Addison, I LOVED what she brought to the show, and I was so glad to see her in last nights episode. Josh was glad to see her go...she wasn't his favorite...but I miss her (maybe it's cuz shes a redhead). I also wanna say that I always loved the Derrik and Merideth dynamic...but it's gotten a little old, so I think that it's nice to have a new realationship (Rose) to get into. And what about Kallie and Haughn?! Interesting. And can I just say that the whole Alex and "Eva" situation tugged on my heart a little? I'm so excited to have new episodes to watch every week!


Carlykins said...

AMEN! So excited to have them back! ADDICTED to this show!