Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back From the Fair

So we went to the fair last night and had a blast! We usually go with Kim and Robb...but they decided that they didn't wanna go this year, so we went with Jarom (Josh's golfing buddy), Julie, and their little girl Mauri. At first I thought that it was gonna be a nightmare trying to drag a toddler around the fair...but it was so much fun! She is such a mild tempered, happy little girl.
When we first got to the fair we headed straight to the food (suprised much?). Julie and I had teriakki bowls (yum), Mauri wanted pizza, Josh had a tortado (crazy chip/french fry thing), and Jarom had some kind of strange sanwich.
After we were all full Mauri wanted to go see the animals (only in Idaho do people walk through large, smelly, hay filled shops to see and touch animals that we can all see just driving down the road), so we went and saw all of the farm animals (there was this HUGE bunny that was amazing!). Most of the animals were gone...I'm guessing to the rodeo or they had to be moved out to have the stalls cleaned. So we were a little dissapointed not to get to see the award winning pig....or the HUGE bull...but thats ok.
Then Mauri said that she wanted to go on rides...she was so cute to watch. She was giggling through every ride, and when we got near a new ride that she thought looked fun her eyes would get really wide and she would point. So cute! The boys played a few games and Jarom won a HUGE elmo for Mauri..she was so excited.
After the rides we walked around the booths (the photography one is always my fave) a little bit and then went back for more food. We all walked back to the car stuffed and smelling like grease, hay, and dirt. We had a fun time and were more than ready to go to bed when we got home a little after 10.